Wednesday, January 28, 2009

bye bye long white cloud

tomorrow i begin my journey across the ditch and into the future.

there are many people and things i wish i had the time to see and see again before my departure, but instead of listing disappointed regrets i find myself quietly satisfied with my collection of achievements and conquests thus far. my hope is that lady luck grants a steady increase of momentum for the continued pursuit of happiness in the days ahead of me, and that my transition flows as seamlessly as a turtle scurrying across a sandy beach to the cool sea, where he takes flight underwater with a grace and freedom that is rivaled by few.

i am unsure what exactly to expect in the land of the ex-patriot, but in the face of uncertainty one can only maintain a steadfast sense of self and hope for the best. if anything, this is what new zealand has taught me most. with some number eight wire, a swanndri and a bit of good ol' kiwi ingenuity, we can make a life worth living. i know im gonna a good crack.

but for now, the main sentiment im filled with is of restless anticipation to transcend the current state of limbo. i am the final grains of sand in the top of an hourglass, rapidly spiralling torward the centre to transcend to the other side. vegas today, htown tomorrow, AK friday and gold coast the next. one final taste of the travellers life before rebuilding my world under the mighty sun of queensland. wish me luck.

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  1. hey naps

    Have just caught up on all your blogging, and i hope you are going to continue while you are away! I'm in welly now, move to wales in september. loved your stories - wish you had written that blurb about university BEFORE i started! fuck ya. love the shove it transfer - are you filming or skating? mean. keep blogging fagnuts, you continue to surprise me with your insightfullness (i may have made that word up) and clarity. xx