Thursday, May 27, 2010

hypocrisy invalidates your opinion

chicks that flirt to get things they want but complain about the sexual objectification of women can suck my cock. for reals. you cant bat your eyelashes at the bus driver to get a discounted fare then have a cry about the lingerie football league. thats like an animal activist running a dog fighting ring. "animals have rights too! the right a BRUTAL DEATH MATCH!".
dont expect anyone to take anything you say seriously when you dont practice what you preach. you wouldnt trust a skinny baker, would you? so why trust the word of a feminist slapper?
as everybody knows - you cant have your cake and eat it too. and even if you could, itd probably still be better to stay away from that extra piece of cake, lady, because no man wants to talk to a porker with chocolate icing on her face. thats just gross.
if you really need something to complain about, theres plenty of real issues out there that deserve your half assed attention. millions of homeless people, sweatshop labour children and the feminist movement could all use an opinionated loudmouth like you on their side. admittedly, i, personally, will still be on the 'shut up, bitch' side of the fence, but ya never know, those that actually listen to your drivel might feel compelled enough to take action...
probably not though. i mean, who am i kidding? a whiny slut is a whiny slut in any language. even whiny sluts know that.
so pretty please, with sugar on top, cram a fuckin sock in it for once, eh? kthnx.
yours sincerely,
the hearing-able population of the world.

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