Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nappyface Vs. mexican trippin weed

05 May 2006

"Q.What is Saliva Divinorum?

A. Salvia divinorum is a plant used for its psychoactive effects. Given the right dose, individual, set and setting, it produces a unique state of 'divine inebriation' which has been traditionally used by Mazatec healers. This inebriation is quite different from that of alcohol. Salvia divinorum is both similar to, and different from, other drugs that affect the brain and behavior. In many ways Salvia divinorum is a unique 'magical' herb. Salvia (and the salvinorin it contains) is very difficult to categorize pharmacologically. It does not fit well into any existing pharmacological class. Louis Lewin, the father of psychopharmacology called vision inducing drugs 'phantastica'. Let us dust off this venerable term and recycle it by calling Salvia divinorum a 'phantasticant'.

Q. What is a Salvia divinorum experience like?

A. It is almost certainly not like what you expect. Even if you have considerable experience with other psychoactive drugs, you will find that salvia is significantly different from what you may have encountered before. Salvia is unique, and it is best understood on its own terms, and not by analogy with other substances. Salvia is not a recreational drug, rather, it is best used by those wishing to explore deep meditative states, spiritual realms, mysticism, the nature of consciousness and reality, or the possibilities of shamanistic healing. Experiences vary with the individual, set, and setting as well as with dose and route of administration. It produces a short-lived inebriation that is very different from that of alcohol. However, like alcohol it interferes with the ability to drive, produces incoordination (ataxia), and may produce slurred speech.

The inebriation, at low doses, can facilitate aesthetic and sensual appreciation. However, the experience is not marijuana-like, and salvia is not a marijuana substitute. At somewhat higher doses, visionary trances occur. The lowest level visions consist mainly of closed-eye imagery somewhat similar to the hypnagogic phenomena that many people experience when falling asleep. These tend to be two dimensional faint images. The term "eye candy" is an appropriate description of the interesting closed eye visuals that are not confused with reality. At this level communication with others is still easy and one can move about although clumsiness will occur. With a higher dose vivid visual images occur even with eyes open, and with eyes closed one may completely enter the visionary world, and it will seem quite real, but upon opening ones eyes one will reestablish contact with ones surroundings. Speech patterns may be interfered with and communication is difficult. At still higher doses, one remains conscious but completely enters an inner realm and loses all contact with ones actual surroundings. Some people may move around in this deep trance state and for this reason a sitter is required for anyone seeking to explore such deep levels. With very high dosage a brief period of unconsciousness or at least the inability to subsequently remember the experience will occur. It is useful to have a scale to describe salvia experiences. One such rating scale is based on the mnemonic S-A-L-V-I-A

- selected samples from ''

Nappyface 0, Trippin Weed 1

I had never encountered this magic stuff before then. Salvia Divinorum comes in various strengths, the highest being 40. My flatmate Callan had already tried the 15 strength stuff, and apparently he tripped balls, with various other characters in life claiming that the Mexican Mint left them indifferent. With all this taken on board, I decided to go with the 25 concentrate. Perfect thing to usher in a new age, John as a 19 year old.

Salvia is typically a stoner drug, and is usually only done by those involved in some sort of a relationship with Mary Jane. I was already kinda stoned from sessions earlier in the day, but to get the full effect of it, I loaded up a cone and inhaled the sweetness.

Now, the moment of truth.

The packet that this shit comes in says that it "likes a hot flame", and in the absence of a butane lighter, two ordinary bic lighters were to be used for my first trip. Sitting there with the bong in my hand, Callan and P Nut lit the bong as I inhaled. It was a very deep toke, and I started blowing out the smoke. I went in for another, but by time I started inhaling again, the world had already started to change. Halfway through my second hit, I was totally immersed in an alternate reality. The only thing I can liken what I seeing to is the opening 'dream' sequence in 'Mullholland Drive': a strange blend of soft colours with a real spooky element. The only way I can explain this is if everything you saw (the colour of the wall or whatever is in front of you at the time) starts to twirl into a psychedlic wheel of dim shades. Next thing I remember was the world was throwing layers of gravity at me, all attached to various things like buildings and peoples faces. I stumled around in this haze for a few minutes before my whole existence was being thrown around, gravity was going horizontally. And because gravity was going sideways, when I found myself at the fence (about nose height) It felt like the world was turning but I was stuck under this structure. I had to get over this thing. In a mad scramble to get over, my feet desperately tried to gain leverage on anything, and consequently Sam's bucket was sacrificed. The desperation of me climbing the fence would be the same as if you were hanging off a cliff, hanging on for your life - it was intense. I'd climbed the fence, but I found that there were no more 'obstacles' on the other side. Confused, I looked back over the fence to see the familiar faces of my friends laughing. I still didn't know that i was tripping, but the sight of them reassured some form of safety and stability.

It was at this point that a new phase of my buzz begun. The disorientation of time and space was confined to the limits of my head. Everything I saw from the viewpoint of my head (obviously lol) became a 2D plain, similar to a giant painting or movie screen. And this 2D plane had a slight gravity pulling me in, so my balance was upset to say the least. For the about next 20 minutes I wandered around the place trying to get a grip on reality. Just like the exact same way you'd continually wipe your eyes if your vision was blurry.

In my state, I attempted to complete an eclectic list of goals. MSN, getting myself a glass of water and kissing mary jane again were a few items. My memories of all these is a bizzarre mix of colours/ light and a skitsophrenic sense of gravity.


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