Thursday, April 24, 2008

stuff to do before death

-rip a tshirt off like hulk hogan
-make a movie
-land a cabolleral flip
-run up a 'down' escalator
-join MENSA
-see some stand up comedy
-get on TV
-kiss a chicks hand when i meet her for the first time
-fart in an elevator
-hit a ping pong ball with enough spin that it bounces back over the net
-record a few rap tracks
-do a yardy
-get a standing ovation
-process a film
-pull a rabbit out of a hat
-streak across something
-eat chicken with eggs (mother and baby meal)
-write and draw a comic book
-smoke a joint outside parliament
-join the mile high club
-go to japan
-try my hand at acting
-do a mean hitch-hiking mission
-make a successful attempt at avoiding police capture
-jump from moving vehicle
-get a puppy and name him 'optimus prime'
-start/join another band
-get something i wrote published
-learn another language
-amsterdam. nuff said.
-parkour a straight line about 500 metres long
-watch fight club 28 times
-dress up as hendrix and enter the national air guitar comp
-skitch a car
-skitch a random car
-three way ...phonecall (ya dirty bastards)
-print some t shirts
-teach a class
-hang porn on my bed room walls
-fear and loathing in las vegas
-get married in vegas
-get divorced in vegas
-grind a handrail
-perform something on stage in front of a large audience again
-learn a martial art of some kind
-get more ink done
-camp overnight for tickets
-bomb a whole wall
-do a decent throwie
-teach monkeys to play poker
-start a s l o w clap
-throwie on a 10
-draw another decent self-portrait

tell me if you can help me with any of them, or if youve got anything you think i should add to the list.


  1. no way.. i wanna get a puppy and name him optimus prime!! i'm sposed to be getting one for my bday (in jan)..
    also, i think i can help you with the jump from a moving vehicle thing, and processing film stuff.. if i ever come back to NZ

    much help?

  2. hey munts, just to let you know there's an EPIC student hitchhike that runs every year from the UK all the way to like Morocco or something, it's for fundraising or something - But i'm thinking it could be something to base yours on?