Wednesday, December 17, 2008

fuck christmas

im sick to death of all this christmas bullshit. so sit down and school yourself on this.

christmas is a sham. if jesus WAS born and indeed, even existed, he would not have been born at christmas. the shepherds in the story of his birth would not have been out in the fields during december, as palestinian winters are far too cold. what we know as christmas today is actually the reminants of an ancient roman festival called saturnalia, celebrating the winter solistice. it was a festival where men would give gifts to each other as part of the celebrations. then they would also get drunk, beat up their wives and have sex with each other.

early christians didnt celebrate the birth of christ, as easter was the main holiday. the church decided to institute the birth of christ as an official holiday in the fourth century. pope julius I chose december 25th as the day as a political strategy; to absorb the celebrations of saturnalia and thus ensure the popular embrace of christianity. but because celebrations were still the same and everyone still acted like madmen, christmas was banned by the prostestants until the 1800s, when the basis of the holiday we know today came to be.

the modern image of santa claus best characterises what christmas is today. mass produced, wasteful and hollow. santa rides a bell ridden sleigh with a dozen fine reindeer, the ultimate status symbol of the rich in 1820s manhattan, where he was first depicted with this mode of transportation. santa was made from a tall thin man into his familiar short plump figure by an editorial cartoonist, and finally given his glorious red cloak by none other than the coca cola company. it is a sad irony that the image of saint nicholas of myra, the real life basis of santa claus who was famous for his generous gifts to the poor and needy, has become the ultimate symbol of greed, consumerism and conspicuous consumption.

and if you think im over-reacting, take my word for it, consumerism is destroying our lives. just check out these figures: in the united states and europe alone, $17 billion per year is spent on pet food. yet $13 billion per year would provide basic health care and nutrition for the whole world. $12 billion is spent on american perfume, yet $9 billion would provide everyone alive with clean water. cosmetics cost $8 billion per year, yet basic education for all the children on earth would only cost 6. $450 billion is how much the US spends on christmas every year. thats enough for 16 years of food, water and education for the entire planet.

you can call me a grinch if you like, but you cant call me wrong. christmas is a hollow holiday that sheds light of the ugly truths of modern society. the very existence of a 'christmas spirit' is depressing proof of human natures blind acceptance of the status quo and cowardice to take action in the face of crisis for fellow man.

fuck christmas.

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