Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"when you go to uni..."

university is nothing like school.
you dont have lunch times with your mates and class actually matters.
the only school rules are local law and culture.
twist those to your advantage as much as possible.

when you go to uni, dont be afraid to ditch everything and get on the piss at every chance possible.
its pretty rare that everybody throws caution to the wind at the same time so you must step up and keep the fire alive.
if theres one time in your life when nobody really gives a fuck what you do, that time is when youre a student.
especially in first year, those classes are easy and dont mean shit.
party during o-week like youve never partied before.
it would actually be rude not to.
collect all the free shit you can.
play your cards right and youll have a new warddrobe and a goody bag to boot.
create a network of friends that represent as many social circles as possible.
pretty much the best thing about uni is all the trippy people you come across.
go out and find the good cunts, listen to stories and play drinking games.
blow out a few foreign exchange students.
fuck as many chicks as you can.
i cant stress this enough.
youve never had such an exotic menu so sample the range.
fall in love if you want but dont be a pussy whipped bitch.
if you dont get a misses then you'd better learn to cook properly.
make a point of knowing what times all the local shops close.
do as many epic missions as physically possible.
the more inventive and exciting the better.
embrace the experiences where you feel yourself go through a significant change even if they suck.
take heapsa pictures of everything all the time.
learn the town and make the most of it.
explore and scope out spots to call your own.
make a complete drunken fool of yourself every once in a while.
take massive naps in the middle of the day just because you can.
learn to skull beers.
its a skill that will save a lot of grief for you in the long run.
unless you just won lotto get pissed before you go to town.
take a hipflask with you if youre really game.
dance like the graceful mover you always secretly knew you were.
if you didnt hook any chick, walk home from town.
you probably wont remember it anyway so save your taxi money for a mean feed from the bakery.
stop watching TV.
i guarantee that theres at least 4000 more kick-ass things going on at the same time.

when you go to uni, only do classes you have interest in.
doing classes you dont like sucks balls and its a total waste of time and money.
and youll probably fail too.
dont fail papers because of laziness because youll never finish your course.
put active effort into learning the most you can out of your classes.
it aint like school where everything is bullshit.
you paid for this so you'd better get your dollars worth.
do papers that are interesting but have little or nothing to do with your course.
it makes for a more well rounded experience and you get a look into the lives of completely different students.
go to all your lectures even if youre just gonna sit there and draw.
even when youre not paying attention you absorb knowledge so its better that its something the matters rather than daytime television.
if possible try to keep one chick in every class to flirt with.
she'll make the long days not suck as much and your attendance will definitely remain constant.
find your own learning and working style.
if writing essays between 3 and 4 in the morning works for you then fuck what everyone else says.
become friends with your lecturers and tutors.
theyre not dicks, are pretty interesting and may even end up buying you a beer sometime.

when you go to uni, enjoy and reflect on every single moment.
it passes really fast.

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