Sunday, December 27, 2009

back in my day

kids these days cant party for shit. always with the popping pills just to keep things interesting. uppers, downers, laughers, screamers...
harden the fuck up you little pansies. back in my day, all you needed was a steady supply of beers and the rage would never end. but now, as soon as your buzz shows the early signs of fading, "ooh, better top up with some chemicals so we can wave our glow sticks around like fuckin idiots to this peppy computer music".
speak of which, whats up with all this crappy techno shit? oonce - oonce - oonce - oonce. sounds like someone using a hammer to rhythmically cave-in the side of my skull.
what they need to do is take all that manufactured noise and all those pills and give them to ambulance drivers and fire fighters. if theres anybody you wanna see flying around the scene eyes popping out of theirs, its the motherfuckers that are there to save your life. who are most likely there because you drunk too much in the first place. cant win.

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