Sunday, October 4, 2009

life lesson

so i got jumped by some fried bogan on saturday night. but i only walked away with a mouthful of blood, top lip the size of a monster truck tyre and an empty wallet (from all the drinking i did afterwards). so all in all, pretty good, considering i copped the cleanest sucker punch since burger king made this ad.

however, this sucks donkey balls for three reasons.

1) i was meant to get a passport this week, and im not really keen to get my picture taken looking like a mix between jay z and mick jagger.

2) being unemployed and broke as a joke, i was gonna get my ricky gervais on and become a tv and movie extra (the way i see it - if im doing fuck all, i might as well be getting paid for it). but this i think this incident took me from 'screen ugly' to 'plain old ugly', rendering me pretty much un-broadcastable. viva la home brand lifestyle.

and finally,

3) no chick, regardless of how much she wants to 'get back' at her daddy, wants to do anything worth writing home about with freddy fuckin kruger. and to think, some poor dame was actually keen, too.

so moral of the story kids - get the first punch in. or at least, learn to get the fuck outta dodge before a fist populates your-face-ville. otherwise, youll end up with no ID, no job, no playmate and no hope or respect*.

*bullshit for emphasis

1 comment:

  1. Ouch, look past the pain.
    Was there a particular reason dude jumped you?

    ps - I think you should follow my blog, just because.