Friday, July 16, 2010

stuff i like

recently, people have been saying stoopid shit to me like "your blog has so much anger", "why are you so angry?" and "anger is only one letter short of danger". to those people, i say this: fuck up or ill kick you in the ribs.

i also wanna say, just for the record, that im not an angry person at all. really, im not. those cocksuckers had those broken noses coming. this world of ours has stupidity at every turn of the head, and all i do is dispense the appropriate dose of justice. think of me as robin hood, but without the gay tights.

besides, theres heapsa things that make me happy. fuckin heeeeaps. if i had a cherry bomb for every little thing i liked, id have enough plastic explosives to make you evacuate the southern hemisphere.

for example, i find people hurting themselves absolutely hilarious. shit cracks me up to no end. youtube search "guy falling down stairs" if you wanna experience the glory for yourself. personally, i could watch idiots being punished by their own stupidity all freakin day, and giggle my ass off at every last clip. shit, americas funniest home videos would be hands down the greatest TV show ever if the bullshit 'cute' videos didnt win it every single time. a puppy with a phone is never funnier than a fat bitch flying off a motorbike. thats just the fuckin truth. show me a man that would pick the puppy and ill show you a sorry ass son of a bitch that resigned his testicles long ago.

laughter only permissible with vagina.

but know what does kick arse? an orangutan that spear fishes. or an elephant that paints self portaits. thats buzzy as hell. imagine aliens coming to earth and seeing that shit directly after a blooper reel. humans would be mistaken for a lower lifeform, and used for meat. or carbon. or whatever the fuck aliens want.

i appreciate many of the smaller things in life. like, say, the reassuring comfort of a watertight alibi. or the gentle smell of smoke from the local police station burning down. its these little pleasures that really make life worth living.

my point is that i dont have an anger management issue, i have a keepin it real issue. which isnt even an issue at all, its just keepin it real. ugly people dont blame the mirror for them being ugly; they partially blame a negligent god, but more importantly, they blame themselves. so stay off my case about reporting the facts from planet dumbass, or ill really get angry. and you wont like me when im angry.

this is me when the all blacks lost to france in the world cup


  1. I doubt enough people read your blog to even care....

    However cynicism is great in comparison to that fake fluffy rabbit, puppy dog, group hug crap on most other blogs, so keep doing your "thang" Darko

  2. i thought nobody read it either, til the anger criticism started. ya gotta be paying attention to lay complaints.

    and i couldnt stop if i wanted to. as long as there are things that need to be crapped on, i will produce that crap.

  3. hey bro i equally hate everyone and am equally racist to every race on the planet but i hate no one as much as I hate me.


    keep drinking the Haterade