Friday, February 25, 2011

this facebook thing is getting ridiculous

people these days take the internet way too fucking seriously. i mean, shit, this is the goddamn internet, not your personal memoirs. lighten the fuck up. i remember once upon a time when the web was strictly the realm of anonymous freaks and geeks - nobody gave a flying fuck what you said. probably not even you. outrageous comments were made left, right and centre, and anybody that took that shit seriously was baited into merciless mockery and ridicule (see trolling and flame wars). in the goold old days, the internet was basically just one giant 4chan.

which, trust me, was a good thing.

but now, ohhh no, you gotta be careful what you say, lest the cyber cops hunt you down for crimes against taste. oooh, better watch yourself. i hear the fun police are armed with humour tasers that leave you incapable of laughter ever again. now that everybody uses their real names on facebook, you can be held accountable for everything you say online! decent society will no longer stand for the shennanigans it put up with in the past! all citizens must fear the wrath of being communally frowned upon by the greater population!
that is, unless you never gave a fuck what they thought anyway.

you cant go lower than absolute rock bottom.

case in point - every time a major tragedy (such as a natural disaster) occurs, thousands of people take to their status updates to "support" those affected. now dont get me wrong here - using the internet as a cheap and effective form of communication in times of crisis is awesome, should be encouraged and done with increasing frequency. but simply posting a status update in itself should never be considered legitimate 'support'. if you really wanna help, go volunteer, or at absolute least, make a donation. dont just sit at your computer desk typing out a vaguely sentimental sentence on your facebook account and consider yourself part of the help. donating a tiny bit of your FREE web space doesnt help anyone, anywhere, anytime, with anything. except maybe helping mark zuckerberg fill a giant pool with money.

know whos never been seen in the same room together before? mark zuckerberg and scrooge mcduck. just sayin.

posting a 'thoughtful' message is just saying a prayer without any balls. both amount to exactly fuck all in real life, but at least a prayer has the conviction of its sayer behind it. whats the best possible outcome from a status update? a nobel peace prize?

not gonna happen.

so when i leave a comment that is less than sympathetic to your little 'cause', dont tell me that my comment is "inappropriate". the only thing inappropriate here is your undeserved 'holier-than-thou' sense of self worth. youre the same complacent, apathetic scum as the rest of us, so go out and actually do something or shut the fuck up. jesus h christ.

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