Saturday, August 20, 2011

how to get a dope tat

theres so much wack shit out there these days, so heres my personal guide on how not to fail when getting ink done.

1. figure out what you want
im into comic books and ninjas, so i decided to go with my favourite comic book ninja - deadpool. heres a few pictures of the "merc with a mouth" for anybody who isn't familiar with the character:

2. decide where you wanna get it
ninja are known for their stealth, and generally being pretty sneaky, so i figure that somewhere on the inside of my leg is the perfect spot to represent these two qualities simultaneously. i want it to be about the size of my handspan, and the gap just above the ankle and below the calf muscle is the exact right size and frames it nicely too.

3. find your picture
to me, theres no point in getting a ninja tattoo unless hes pouncing into action with weapons fully drawn. i found this picture from the cover of one of the deadpool team up comic books:

now ive never really been a fan of ghostrider (and the nicholas cage movie adaptation was ruuuubbish), so when i cut everything else out, it looks like this:

for my tat, i wanted it on more of an upward angle to it, so i slightly rotated picture, and because ive always personally preferred grey wash to colour tattoos, i went with good ol' black and white, which comes out like this:

with all adjustments made, we're ready to rock'n'roll.

4. scope out your artist
this step is just as, if not more, important than all previous steps. my original plan was to go with my homie jor drop, but he stays at least an hours drive away from me, so i decided to go with someone locally this time (jor, if youre reading this bro - still got heapsa mean ideas, ill hit you up next time im down the coast).
after a bit of looking around, i chose davin from brunswick ink tattoo on the strength of his reputation and portfolio.

5. take the pain
theres no easy way of getting tattoos done. your best bet is simply to harden the fuck up and get on with it.

cement pills should help

6. rock out lookin fresh!

finally, after a bit of blood, sweat and beers - now i got a foot soldier* guarding the fly kicks on my feet, chech!

*oh yeah - pun fully intended.

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