Tuesday, November 18, 2008

untitled movies rant

you know whats fucking bullshit? that the guys who made 40 year old virgin, knocked up, superbad, pineapple express -basically, the funniest fucking films to come out over the last few years- havent got a single oscar or golden nomination yet. not a single one!

katherine hiegl, the chick from knocked up and greys anatomy (and roswell too, for all you true TV geeks), didnt even get nominated for best actress in a musical or comedy at the golden globe awards. and you know won that award? muthafuckin' beyonce. yes, the same destinys-child, married-to-jayz, got-thighs-thicker-than-redwoods beyonce. sure, maybe she can shake her shit like jelly and sing a few notes here and there, but the bitch cant act her way out of a wet paper bag.

did you see austin powers goldmember? that movie was fucking terrible. it sucked more than the "paul holmes sings the classics" CD that came out a few years ago. beyonce 'acted' her way through every scene like pam grier on an ether binge whilst mike myers just proved what we've all been thinking for a while now: that he shoulda quit making comedies years ago, because shit is just getting cringe worthy now. and not in the funny ricky gervais way either. in the 'minister repeatedly saying the wrong name at a funeral' way.

and whats worse is that the movie beyonce won the award for, 'dreamgirls', also got the golden globe for best musical or comedy. are you fucking kidding me? dreamgirls won and neither knocked up nor superbad even got nominated? thats some grade-A 'i did not have sexual relations with that woman' bullshit.

if that doesnt prove the industry's blatant elitism and general disregard for you, then you might as well go and cut your hair with the lawnmower, 'cause youll never learn.

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