Thursday, September 24, 2009


these are all random scribbles i rediscovered when spring cleaning my notebooks. theyre like my own disappointing children as none of them have amounted to anything, and consequently, they should be taken with a grain of salt. or you should feign pride. whatever one makes sense according to the comparison.


im glad i have an asymmetrical facial structure because it makes me one of the very few who truly feel and understand a picasso painting.

i just realised that ive been symbolically married before.
night of the rum challenge. we both walked back from the boys house drunk, and were just hanging out in the lounge. she was lying on the couch and couldnt be bothered getting up to go to bed, so i picked her up, carried her across the threshold of her room, and we had sex for the first time.
i guess the divorce became real when she left with my charlotte hornets starter jacket.

why is it that the heaviest footsteps come from the lightest feet?

my favourite part of flying is the take-off. its like boosting in a fast car, except much faster.
the plane slowly creeps along the runway until a sudden and drastic increase in speed pushes you back into your seat, before the moment of initial ascent lifts the ground up from under you and an airbourne aircraft is achieved.
its all pretty much down hill from there, though.

all talk is lies, the only experience is in truth.

one night during the unholy hours of the morning at a bar in surfers paradise, quite drunk and all alone, i shared a couple drinks with two aussie dudes who'd just been released from prison for a shooting some years before. i would never have known this, however, if one of them hadnt just mentioned the fact in passing conversation.

in my quiet desperation, i have little else to do but numb the pain of perpetual unfulfillment with our good friend alcohol. cheers.

music makes the bad times good and the good times even better.

the australian dream sits like an ornamental pool. aesthetically pleasing to everyone from architects to school children, but the dangerous lack of depth could prove fatal to anyone who decides to dive in head first.

if "the farmer wants a wife", the farmer should be a man and get a wife the normal way. you go to a reality show to find a wife? really? either this is a hoax or these people are grade-A fucking morons. actually, its probably both.

two of my boys are dead already. and thats two too many. but, we do not defeat death by living longer. we defeat death by living well. so everyday youre alive is a reason to celebrate. bottoms up and pour out a little liquor.

you only live when youre willing to die for something else
love is eternal life
when your smell is gone and name forgotten
love will still be young

why must we live this lifestyle where we waste five out of our seven days working a passionless job? life is a celebration. we should spend our time experiencing joy and expressing the inherit freedom of the human condition, not hurrying ourselves in the never-ending pursuit of the elusive dollar.
dare to be lazy. throw caution to the wind and follow your hunger.

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