Wednesday, September 30, 2009

drinking game - mexi

you need:
2 dice
clear table
4+ players

1 & 2 = mexi
1 & 3 = scumbag
1 & 1 = snake eyes
5 & 5
4 & 4
3 & 3 etc = doubles

mexi - for every mexi rolled, the loser of that round must consume half a vessel
scumbag - drink and roll again
snake eyes - everybody drinks
doubles - doubles beats any roll apart those already mentioned

-for any other roll, you take the higher of the dices numbers followed by the lowest to get a 2-digit score.
for example, 4 & 6 = 64, 3 & 2 = 32
-if the starting player only rolls once, all other players may only roll once. if they roll twice, everyone else may also do so.
-the lowest score at the end of every round must drink.
-if you accept the dice from anyone passing the dice by hand, you must drink.
-if you roll either or both of the dice off the table, you are losing that round.
-if two players have the same losing score, they roll off with one dice each.
-ALL tie breakers are double or nothing.

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