Thursday, September 17, 2009

ultra controversial opinions

eyebrows are often raised when i open my mouth. amazed that someone actually had the balls to articulate some of the outrageous stances the voices in my head force me to take. i have decided to share some of these with you. but instead instead of letting my opinions gradually upset your system, like passive smoking, im gonna give it to you all in one hit. like burning to death in a tobacco field.

first of all, i believe there is nothing morally wrong with suicide. if you wanna top yourself before your time, be my guest. just know that you will not be achieving matyrdom with your death, the best you can hope for is a darwin award.

not being opposed to suicide means im pro-euthanasia and pro-abortion. theres too many people on this planet, we might as well start cutting them off at both ends of life.

some people are fine to drive drunk. some people. im not talking about joe boyracer and all his dickhead mates whos own stupidity shouldve wiped them out as soon as their licences were approved, im talking about the dudes whos car you'd jump in when hes drunk because you know the only thing to fear is getting caught. some people are fine. i believe in not punishing everyone because of a few fucking idiots.

i believe democracy doesnt work because most people are too stupid to know whats good for them. give the public a few strategically timed tax cuts and even slavery could be legalised. just like all other animals, our only concern is our immediate well being. not the bigger picture.

and yeah, all this means that i think im smarter than most of you. but im sure you already knew that.

the existence of racism is proof of just how fucking stupid the human race is. think about that for a second - human race... racism... its like being afraid of the mirror.

TV just makes people dumber. news stories are chinese whispers, reality shows are idiot zoo's and celebrity scandals are glorified high school gossip. that cursed box actually makes me envy the deaf and blind.

speaking of media, the music and movies around nowadays are nothing more than entertainment fast food. alright on the weekends, but a solid diet of that shit will start to fuck with your head.

women just aint funny. and unless theyre hot, their sports are just as shitty. sorry to say.

heres something for all the worshippers: evolution is true, theres nothing wrong with gay people and jesus was a political fairy tale.

schools make kids dumb, advertising sells us shit we dont need and personal technology clogs our lives with unnecessary bullshit. modern life is like a cesspool of stupidity.

i dont care when people i dont know die. tsunami? terrorism? bushfire? dont give a fuck. what good is a moments silence?

i dont care about soldiers who faught for my country and died. if they didnt engage in any conflict, worst case scenario would be the enemy takes over our home, we wouldnt exist and things look a little bit different. big deal.

i always found it kinda arrogant that people actually feel that existence is so significant that those who catered to its conditions deserve to be thanked. i mean, who do you think you are? mankinds saviour? get the fuck outta here. youre the same walking talking earth crap as the rest of us. accept it and be happy.

and with that, i bid you ado.

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